Ad hoc Study


Research value:


The purpose of ad-hoc research is to meet individual clients’ needs, and design customized market research solutions to get depth information. EBMRS has integrated resources based on advance research method from different research institutions, resources; combined with industrial resources, to provide depth research findings. We have vendor research, channel research, brand consulting and special research and other special customized services related to marketing performance monitoring, competitor monitoring, new products, customer satisfaction surveys, marketing and management consulting services


- Quantitative research: offer different types of user research
- Qualitative research: seminar, in-depth interviews, Focus Group (FGD), observation and diaries

Application in:

Ad-hoc research: committed to providing customers the most comprehensive study of specialized consulting services with the most accurate market data, the most comprehensive competitive intelligence, and the most appropriate value-added services related products.
Tailored program of research products and solutions


In the fast moving consumer goods (FMCG), pharmaceutical, automotive, IT & Telecommunications, mobile phones, home appliances, software applications, entertainment and other industries