Entry Opportunity & Strategic Market Planning

Research value:
Offering in-depth research of the industry sectors including the industrial policy, economic environment and technology trends, social factors; evaluation of potential market segments; describe the value chain; understand the customer needs in the competitive environment; describes the distribution structure and function of the market changes and industry trends;  to help client determine the industry barriers, opportunities and potential, and how to access the market and what area shall focus on. We use the strategic model of competition, industry value chain analysis, forecast model and many other researches models.

Desktop research, industry statistics analysis, expert depth interviews, business executive’s in-depth interviews, surveys of users and the industry value chain

Application in:
Market size and potential
Market size and potential solutions are to help you determine the size of target markets and potential for market development, investment and market share estimates. We use both first-hand research of major industry and analysis of market database, and ad-hoc research to estimate market size, providing clients with reliable market size and market segments data and determine trends

Market segmentation and customer behavior
We regularly collect information on the industry, the establishment of industrial database. The information and analysis can help target industry and customer groups to determine the potential and behavioral segments, and help you determine the positioning of products and customers, potential customers demand and precise marketing strategy development and approach actions

Distribution model
Channels in the full study of success factors related to strategy formulation and execution, based on the channel strategy to help companies develop and found potential partners, evaluating channel operation to ensure channel can be sustained, efficient delivery companies expect the products, services and brand value

Competition and benchmarking study
Background research, human resources analysis, financial analysis, logistics, research, production analysis, raw material supply, marketing analysis, comprehensive strategy


In the fast moving consumer goods (FMCG), automotive, pharmaceutical, telecommunications IT, mobile phones, home appliances, software applications, entertainment and other