Electronic Data Service


Research value:


For most organization, knowledge, team and programs are its most valuable asset. These assets may be devalued due to staff turnover and constantly changing of business environment. Knowledge may be lost forever which is unable to retrieve the assets. Therefore, there is a need to protect and manage operation knowledge and systems, the best way is to mobilize knowledge to become competitive


Web Based Data Acquisition
- For companies to develop customized electronic information collection system

Application in :

We developed a complete set of including data collection, transmission, archiving and reporting of electronic data capture (EDC) tool set, covering:

 Real-time report of data collection
 Web-based system management software
 Web-based data collection
 Custom wireless integrated monitoring apparatus
 Programmable data validation component
 Real-time data reports generated

We focus on system reconstruction. We turn the market, trends, people and products information and the complex concepts into automatically and efficiently logic system. We can make your system:

 Get more data
 Obtain data for more detailed insights


Medical other industries