Online Market Research


Research value:


In addition to get a quick result of real-time data, we pay more attention to the importance of data accuracy to reflect the value of research, so our online research will not skip any steps than usual implementation. All processes require customers the joint efforts of us. As we offer 24 hours of continuous online service, and you can maintain the contact at any time, can guarantee the first time to resolve the problem

Application in:

In addition to the interest of online market research, but we also focus on on-line research to the application of CRM. CRM can combine on-line research data and to form the depth insight of the existing customer base mining:

1. Companies can try to start CRM database by selecting customer groups as part of the survey samples to test the brand loyalty, online and offline purchase behavior differences, product preferences.

2. We can work with client together to define profit margin and target customer groups and find target customer groups.

3. The results identified the behavioral characteristics of key customers. Then we can help clients select most valuable users and design tailored services to promote.


1. High-quality sample database
2. Respondents online, the effective screening
3. Samples continuously updated database groups

- Continuously updated sample database to track changes in the emerging consumer groups